Remaining Credits

What can I do with my remaining iGo credits?

  1. Download the iGo App either from the Apple App Store Here, or from the Google Play Store Here
  2. Sign up for an iGo account and login to the app
  3. In the menu, click on My Events RFID and click on Add RFID
    (Limited to 1 RFID Tag per Account per Event – see *** below)
  4. Either scan the QR Code printed at the back of the RFID chip/card, or key in the serial number at the back of the RFID chip/card to register it with your account.
  5. Once the RFID Chip/card has been registered to your account, the initial status will be set to Pending. Your balance will only be updated after the event organiser has consolidated their accounts at the end of the event. This usually takes between 7-10 business days.
  6. Once the balance has been updated, you will see it reflected in the Wallet Screen of the iGo app.
  7. From  here, you can carry the credits forward and use it to purchase tickets for your next event or you can withdraw your credits.  (SGD $3 admin fee is applicable to withdrawals).
  8. Do note that withdrawal of credits to your bank account on average is 15-20 business days to process. Depending on your bank this could be longer, and should reflect in your next bank statement.
*** Limit of 1 RFID Tag Per Account Per Event
The iGo wallet is a personal/singular account downloaded and registered to one person , registering of a RFID Tag post event is meant for the person whom used the RFID Tag in event. As a wristband is placed on the wrist of (1) person for use, it is considered individual. For this reason, you can only register (1) wristband per iGo account, per event. For multiple wristbands, sign out of the app and sign back in with a different email address (different account) and you would be able to add a new band. Bands must be redeemed within 4 months of the last event day or your balance will be forfeited.