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White-Labeled Ticketing

Sell or promote event tickets easily with your own branding. Ticket sales can be embedded in the form of a widget directly on your webpage.

Ticket Codes

Conduct promotions and allow sale of special ticket types using access and/or discount codes. Edit and self manage codes easily.

Self-Scanning Check-in

Quickly scan in attendees to the event without the use of printed tickets and monitor statistics of event attendee check-ins

Social Media Marketing

Utilize campaigns ran on social media platforms as well as upcoming social referral rebates to reach out to a wider group of consumers.

Organiser Dashboards

Manage and view statistics of all your hosted events with your own dashboard. Customize various aspects of your ticketing pages and events.

Data Collection

Decide on data collected from event registrants when they sign up for your event, questions can be set as required or optional and tagged to different ticket types.

Cashless System

Ensure a smooth flow for consumers at your event with swift transactions made on our cashless devices. Promote safe transactions and retain accurate sales records.

Cash Management

Securely manage cash flow during your event with manager capabilities to tally cash, conduct settlements and more.

Friendly Interface

Easy to use software with bright colours allow faster training for your event staff. Large display and typeface provide increased transparency for your consumers.

Integrated Systems

Cater for door sale of tickets without the hassle of printed tickets, full integration with credit card terminals reduce possible human errors.

Multiple Wallet Capabilities

Creates package options by offering possibilities of tokens and credits. Token/credit options on topup are also available.

F&B System Options

Choose from a variety of available add-ons for the F&B system ranging from receipt printers to full kitchen – customer systems depending on reqiirements.

Reports and Analytics

Post event data reports with detailed tables and graphs for analytics purposes and are readily exportable to multiple formats

iGo Mobile App

Promote your event with our event/venue/newsfeed listings in the mobile app. Event goers can send tickets to friends, share events on social media, and more!

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