Jazz & Wine Feat. The Pocket Watchers

This Sunday, join us for another sit down affair with an intimate gig that pairs the jazzy stylings of Tim Stocker and The Pocket Watchers with a variety of beautiful wines from Portugal curated by Mark Lee of Colheitas Singapore. The wines are all natural ranging from minimal intervention, organic and biodynamic.

The Pocket Watchers
When a musician plays a groove that’s very solid and with a great feel…”, this is referred to informally as being “in the pocket”; when they “maintain this feel for an extended period of time, never wavering, this is often referred to as a deep pocket. The Pocket Watchers are a group of Singapore based musicians dedicated to exploring the pocket across a variety of musical styles with strong roots in Jazz, Funk and R&B. It’s a rotating door led by Saxophonist – Tim Stocker giving as many musicians as possible a chance to find their pocket in a creative and fun environment. The workshop moves around Singapore at places like The Hangar, Audace Restaurant, The Library, Employee’s Only, Lulu’s Lounge & B28.