Strawberry Space 4.0

First press play:

Welcome back!!
Strawberry space is coming back fat & funkier than ever Our dear ORIO will celebrate his 30th birthday (Yes, Yes, 30!) We know he looks much older : ) For this amazing celebration and the 4th edition of Strawberry Space, we deliver you another dream booking and spaced out production.
So happy to welcome the guys who have inspired us so much since 2007, the people who show us how it should be done. How to bring the roots and the love to the late night clubs.
Artists that we play every single event since Fat Fish Familia was born.
We deliver you the walking legends: Soul Clap
(Crew Love , Soul Clap Records , Wolf + Lamb )
Before today is yesterday and after tomorrow is the future, Elyte and Cnyce’s paths were crossed for all time when a Sun Ra light beam sent from Saturn collided with the P-Funk Mothership and sent them tumbling to earth. Now, Soul Clap time travels on a musical spaceship of dopeness…